Rediscovering Nitrogen: Solutions and Synergies for Climate Change, Health, Biodiversity and Circular Economy

The "Rediscovering Nitrogen" side-event at COP26 will discuss how action on nitrogen is a necessary next step to help meet climate goals with multiple co-benefits for environment, health and economy.  High-level statements from H.E. the President of Sri Lanka, UK government, Scottish government, the Commonwealth and others will discuss options for action ahead of COP26. The event will launch the #Nitrogen4NetZero proposal for COP26 brought forward by the South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme (SACEP), reflecting work with its member countries through 2021. The event theme reflects the upcoming 250 year anniversary of the scientific discovery of nitrogen in Scotland.  It offers a key moment to now 'rediscover nitrogen' for climate and environmental action.

Please tune in at 19:00 UK time on the 31st of October 2021 to attend.

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This event is hosted by the Government of Sri Lanka and the “International Nitrogen Management System” (INMS).