2050 Pathways Platform 5th Anniversary Celebration

06.11.2021 | 19:00

Event Scheduled for 6:30pm Saturday 6th November 2021.


Country analysis on Long-Term Strategies in emerging economies

The purpose of this event is to launch the full set of results of the 3-year Deep Decarbonization Pathways (DDP) project in Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa. The country leads will present the main policy recommendations emerging from the scenarios developed and the policy analysis undertaken in collaboration with various stakeholders. Country policy-makers, as panelists, will contribute to the appraisal of the short-term agenda identified by the in-country scientists as well as the effectiveness of different approaches used to inform LTS. Researchers, practitioners, NGOs, think tanks and policymakers are invited to join the DDP community to learn and discuss critical priorities for these countries and for international cooperation.


Expert Workshop: what role for Long-Term Strategies (LTS) in the operationalization of DFIs’ Paris Alignment commitments?


To advance discussions on the role a long-term strategy (LTS) can play in Paris Alignment approaches, the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE), in partnership with the 2050 Pathways Platform and with the support of the European Climate Foundation (ECF), launched a 6-month project aiming at understanding the role of long-term strategies in the operationalization of the Paris Alignment commitment of MDBs and informing the developments currently underway among the MDBs and the broader DFIs community, as well as among countries developing their LTS. 


This in-person workshop will bring together principally representatives from DFIs – as well as a number of selected experts from the research community. It will be an opportunity to:

  1. present initial findings coming out of the first phase of this research project, and

  2. foster expert discussions on the use of LTSs by development finance institutions in assessing alignment.